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16 Instagram Accounts Metalheads Should Follow

Does Instagram really serve any other purpose than keeping you informed of developments within the metal community?!

Photo via Rob Halford's Instagram.

On the surface, Instagram may not seem like the most "metal" platform in the world. When used properly, however, social media can, of course, be a great tool to promote awareness of diabolical music. Nowadays, even many of the most misanthropic underground bands can be found posting about their beloved pets between album release updates.

By now, a good portion of metalheads already understand that they can follow Sebastian Bach to inspire them with his contagious self-confidence; Corpsegrinder to vicariously score big wins at the claw machines; Randy Blythe for his photography; Tom G. Warrior for H.R. Giger worship; Bill Ward for poetry; and Michael Monroe for bold fashion statements. Countless Love Metal enthusiasts will tell you that the humble and charming musical genius Ville Valo could put any Insta model to shame. Thus, we recommend his Heartagram account. Also keep in mind that his friends, The 69 Eyes, upload especially great photos featuring the destinations they visit while touring.

Of course, fans of exceptional music should already be actively checking in with darkthroneofficial, dodheimsgard_official, andersodden, thetruemayhem, nargaroth.official, the experimental legends, peacevillerecords, etc. Furthermore, ancient_black_art is an excellent page by the author of the book Ancient Black Art: Nidrosian Black Metal. Arcane Archivist Zine is also on Instagram and offers a wonderful wealth of info.

Without further ado, we present our list of the 15 Instagram accounts that you need to follow ASAP!


Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, a.k.a. Mr. Blasko, is known as the long-time bassist of Ozzy Osbourne. During the course of his illustrious career, Mr. Blasko has played with Rob Zombie, Cryptic Slaughter, Danzig, and many others. Although this Renaissance man claims to be a "retired Rock Star," he admits that he is, in fact, a "Rock Star entrepreneur." The brainy Mr. Blasko is a bigwig when it comes management, lifestyle marketing, consulting, branding, etc.

Anyone vaguely familiar with Blasko already knows that he has also done an enormous amount of work for animals. He is particularly passionate about finding adoptive parents for homeless black cats, whose unfair reputation of bringing bad luck still haunts them. In 2019, Blasko received Kitten Rescue's Advocacy Award. He currently sits on the board of directors. Blasko was actually first introduced to the organization by Gloria and Geezer Butler. Enjoy Blasko's cat pictures and videos, wicked sense of humor, and all-around awesomeness!


"NecrosHorns," a.k.a. Christopher Dean, is the author of nine books of photography. While his necroshorns account focuses on music, c.deanphotography features a broader selection of images. Yet, you can still find fantastic photos of musical artists on the latter option as well. NecrosHorns has beautifully photographed an endless list of artists: Mork, Marduk, Endezzma, Darvaza, Nifelheim, Djevel, Urgehal, Ritual Death, Ondskapt, etc. One very special moment was when NecrosHorns captured the 35th-anniversary Morbid reunion gig at Klubb Fredagsmangel in Sweden, as did a certain black metal historian who appears later on this list. NecrosHorns's work has been used on releases by bands like Archgoat.

Endezzma's mighty Morten Shax, the frontman at the helm of Urgehal's ongoing "Dødsmarsj for [Trondr] Nefas," has praised NecrosHorns.

“I had the pleasure to work with Christopher on several occasions, and it’s always a pleasure to work with Mr. NecrosHorns. His dedication towards the black art and his musical integrity is always reflected through his pictures and his work. With his good ideas and innovative approach to the photoshoots, the results always reek of magic and quality.”

After all, NecrosHorns has quite clearly become a cult hero. It seems fair to say that he is one of the most respected members of the black metal community.


Satyricon's Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven isn't just a member of Norway's black metal elite, but he is furthermore a man of great sophistication. His account is a highly refreshing glimpse into the world of a stellar artist with high standards and a lust for the finer things in life. Many of us already know that Sigurd founded Wongraven Wines, and that Wongraven Morgenstern Riesling became the best-selling wine in Norway. Although Sigurd sold the majority of the company, he still remains an active part of it.

Last year, Sigurd shared a variety of incredible victories on Instagram. For instance, his passion for racecar driving earned him a bronze medal in the Norwegian Championship. He also presented the public with the exhibition "Satyricon & Munch" at Oslo's Munchmuseet — you can buy the album by the same name, which was written for the exhibition.


Under the moniker C9H13N, David "Pessimisten" Jansson co-founded Apati — a deeply depressing group that created two unforgettable records. Apati disbanded in 2011 after the tragic death of Obehag, who had departed from the band shortly before. You might also know Pessimisten as the frontman of Ofdrykkja — an outfit that has changed quite a lot over the years. Contrary to what some might believe, Pessimisten set the record straight by telling Bardo Methodology that, even in the early days, Ofdrykkja has never sought to glorify suffering in their art. He explained: "… while sharing our reality of living with mental illness and drug abuse, we always hoped for a better life whilst others merely celebrated the misery. Writing music and lyrics was like therapy for us."

Yet, given Pessimisten's past, we are elated that he has, against all odds, managed to become a "Lifelover." Embracing a nomadic lifestyle approximately seven years ago has led him around the world and on a complex inner journey. Pessimisten is a true inspiration. His stunning photos and wise words are bound to brighten your day.


The French-born visionary Maxime Taccardi is a painter, sculptor, photographer, filmmaker, musician, author, and teacher. This Renaissance man actually holds a master's degree in art and cultural sociology. Taccardi's visual art has earned much fame. He is known for often painting with his own blood. He has created magnificent covers for bands like Sarke, Tulus, Psychonaut 4, Sarkom, and Shining. The legendary Scott Conner of Xasthur tells us: “Maxime is absolutely one of the best artists in the genre. He’s on the Dan Seagrave or Riddick Brothers [Mark and Mike] level.”

Although Taccardi is one of music's greatest talents, his bands deserve infinitely more recognition. After all, true genius is rarely understood in its time. His musical projects include K.F.R, Kyūketsuki, Saturnian Tempel, Griiim, Osculum Serpentis, Djinn, Mentïs Morbüm, Lamentum, De Vermiis Mysteriis, , Necröse, and he provides vocals for Bubonic Christians. He used to have a project called Tmina. Taccardi works with black metal and other genres, but his music transcends categorization. This insanely individualistic and prolific creator has truly forged his own path. As such, Taccardi has won the support of his fellow greats. He has worked repeatedly with the fabled Meyhna'ch of the disbanded legendary act Mütiilation and Vordb of Belkètre, whose 1995 split with Vlad Tepes was ranked as one of the best black metal albums of all time by Metal Hammer.

Follow Taccardi's wife Kristen @sewntogether. She is a musician, artist, and model.


Arash Taheri is an outstanding Oslo-based photographer. He specializes in concert, street, travel, event, and portrait photography. On Taheri's account, you can find his shots of everyone from Dødheimsgard's Vicotnik to Crown Prince Haakon of Norway to Queen to Kiss. He has even snapped amazing images of Chris Cornell and Metallica. Taheri is the owner of extraordinarily beautiful cats, so animal lovers will not be disappointed.


Dimmu Borgir and Chrome Division's Shagrath seems to have one of the most gorgeous, photogenic, and devilish black metal cats on Instagram. In case you are wondering, Shagrath's cat, which you can see below, in a Maine Coon named Brage. We hope that Brage's equally gorgeous striped companion is healthy as well.

There's no need to explain Shagrath's importance in the music world here. However, this seems like the perfect opportunity to remind you to either check out or revisit the most excellent Fimbulwinter — an early, pre-fame project that featured Shagrath; Skoll of Arcturus, Ved Buens Ende, Den Saakaldte, and formerly Ulver; and Necronos. Per Morten Bergseth of Holter and other bands provided session drums.


If you don't follow what I personally consider to be the most exciting label, besides The Sinister Initiative, you are definitely missing out! Trondheim's Terratur Possessions was founded in 2007 by Ole A. Aune, who continues to run this sinister operation today. The label works with bands like Mare, Whoredom Rife, Black Majesty, Darvaza, Dark Sonority, and Sarath. In the past, Terratur's artists have included Vemod; Celestial Bloodshed; One Tail, One Head; Ritual Death; etc. Terratur has put together so many insanely cool compilations. Avskjed (2022) is just one stellar example. It features material by the legendary Selvhat — a project of the tragically deceased Steingrim Torson Brissach — that was perfectly remastered by Kark of Dødsengel. Terratur's social media accounts will keep you informed about awesome new releases, reissues of classics, upcoming festivals, and more.

If you hate felines in True Black Metal spirit like the late Mayhem visionary Pelle Ohlin, you are in luck. Terratur's account promises: "No cats. No nudity. No fun. No rights reserved." How wholesome!


Djevel can certainly be counted among the greatest black metal bands to emerge during this century. Thus, it would be a crime not to keep posted on developments involving their sublime art. Last year, Djevel won a Norwegian Grammy for their seventh album, Tanker som rir natten (2021). This record was placed on display as part of an exhibition at the National Library of Norway titled "Dårlig Stemning" / "Bad Vibes," which opened in March and runs through September 16. Djevel's eighth album, Naa skrider natten sort (2022), has been hailed as one of the best BM efforts ever made. This year, Djevel's founder, Trånn Ciekals, received a nomination for an Edvard Prize — one of Norway's most prestigious awards.


Simply stated, "Teloch," Morten Bergeton Iversen, is a musical genius and a "should-be" comedian. The Mayhem guitarist is also known as the founder of Nidingr, which originally began as a solo project. Of course, Teloch has been involved with so many other mind-blowing bands, which we urge you to explore as well. We hope that readers will appreciate the brilliance of Teloch's brainchild Umoral, which also currently boasts the wonderful talents of Fleurety's Svein Egil "Zweizz" Hatlevik and Filip Roshauw of the Norwegian Grammy-winning outfit The Switch. Teloch's electronic solo project, Bergeton, is another must-hear effort.

This list includes quite a few cat people. Thus, we are glad to say that Teloch is a proud dog owner. He is also a lover of Crocs — a fact that turned into a running joke of sorts.


True Norwegian Black Metal is labeled as a "tribute page to the glory days of Norwegian black metal." Unlike other accounts, which often mix subpar musical picks with the gems, True Norwegian Black Metal only features the gold. In other words, this man's taste is impeccable. Please be assured that everything you'll find here is worth your time: Urgehal, Dødheimsgard, Nattefrost, Carpathian Forest, Tulus, Angst Skvadron, Fleurety, Slavia, Isengard, etc. True Norwegian Black Metal's mastermind is an expert who has contributed to several box sets.

Top Recommendation: thetruemayhemcollection

There are plenty of accounts dedicated to black metal, but, in my humble opinion, The True Mayhem Collection is the best. To me, the notion that anyone else's work could rival the meticulous historical documentation that The True Mayhem Collection presents us with by virtue of constant painstaking efforts seems absurd. This account is operated by the owner of a black metal archive that Aftenposten has called "the world's biggest." It is certainly the most important and high-quality. The True Mayhem Collection brings you facts, not gossip; many of the greatest metal photos, my favorites; and stellar recommendations from all corners of the black metal world and beyond. Due to the quality of The True Mayhem Collection's pictures, everyone, including newspapers, has nabbed them. The True Mayhem Collection is usually the first to discover great new releases and emerging artists from the BM world and far beyond.


Finn Håkon Rødland, the owner of The True Mayhem Collection, also runs a personal account. Again, I clearly consider Rødland to be the leading authority on black metal without a contest or the slightest doubt. After exploring all the other sources, I can confirm that Rødland's understanding is unrivalled; much of his knowledge is first-hand. Rødland has curated exhibitions and instigated several phenomenal Mayhem box sets, which include epic books. He is currently directing his energy toward the completion of boxes for Mayhem's Deathcrush and Thorns' Grymyrk. This tireless perfectionist has contributed his writerly skills and resources to countless other amazing projects. Rødland has also done more behind-the-scenes work than we could ever say. He advised the team that created the NRK series Helvete: Historien om norsk black metal; inspired the legendary Blasphemer to start RUÏM; and engages in all kinds of important, covert activities for the sake of the art form. Rødland truly seems to be the force at the heart of everything good in the black metal world.


Slagmaur is a band with much of the greatest visual imagery in black metal. Their release covers are unsurpassed. Take a look at Von Rov Shelter (2009), for example, which actually features friend and accomplice Snorre Ruch behind one of the masks. Slagmaur has long ranked among the most inventive, terrifying, spellbinding, and rewarding acts around. You wouldn't want to miss out on any posts featuring their beautifully staged "mass executions." Slagmaur's founder, General Gribbsphiiser, happens to be a superb professional photographer and filmmaker. That partially explains the miraculous artistic vision of this enigmatic outfit.


José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal is a brilliant Peruvian-based, Berlin-born artist, art historian, and author. He has collaborated with groups such as Djevelkult, Tragediens Trone, and the Czech Republic's Inferno. From almost the very beginning, he has conspired closely with the Norwegian black metallers Whoredom Rife — an outstanding outfit from Trondheim that we highly recommend.


Dávid Glomba is yet another great visual artist. Glomba hails from Slovakia and works with the metal community creating posters, covers, and more. He has provided art for outfits, such as Slagmaur, Svartidauði, Teitanblood, and Wulkanaz. Yes, Glomba uses traditional materials like inks and acrylics, but he has also been known to incorporate unusual ingredients like blood, dirt, and ashes into his pieces.

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