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HELLYEAH Releases Video Tribute To Vinnie Paul


Here's An In-Depth Look At The Drumming Of VINNIE PAUL

And why it was so damn groovy.

Vinnie Paul was a machine at making people bang their heads with his drumming in Pantera. Watch as Drumeo drummer Aaron Edgar breaks down exactly why Paul's grooves made people movie, tackling everything from the grooves themselves to the fill between.

"Until his untimely passing in 2018, Pantera's Vinnie Paul was one of the sickest drummers in heavy music," said Drumeo of the video. "His crushing drum parts are instantly recognizable to metalheads, and he was the perfect rhythmic counterpart to bandmate, guitarist, and brother Dimebag Darrell (1966-2004).

"Pantera achieved things most other metal bands wish they could. For example, Far Beyond Driven is one of the heaviest albums to ever hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Vinnie's beats gave the riffs his own brand of oomph, and the band wouldn’t have been the same without him."

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