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kekht_2023_analog1 (main for press)credit_ Duran Levinson

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KËKHT ARÄKH Streams New Single "Wander"

Time to get sad.

Modern black metal act Këkht Aräkh is back with his first new single since the highly-acclaimed 2021 album Pale Swordsman, dubbed "Wander". If you're in the mood for an icy blast of depressive black metal (teeming with prominent clean guitars) alongside a lo-fi video, then you're going to love "Wanderer".

"Wanderer" features Wanja from Mrtva Vod on drums and Chase, The Galrög From Lore Liege, with additional songwriting. Nick from IC3PEAK also provided "a creative haven for the visceral vocal work." You know, all the black metal-related imagery and descriptors normally associated with the genre.

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