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The Mirror’s Truth

Live Footage

LORNA SHORE's WILL RAMOS Joined IN FLAMES On Stage For "The Mirror's Truth"

It got heavy.

In Flames got a little heavier on December 10 at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ when they were joined by Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos for a special performance of "The Mirror's Truth". As you might imagine, Ramos crushed it alongside In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén, leading to the obvious question – when is In Flames gonna get a Ramos guest spot on a new song?

In an interview with Metal Shop from last year, Ramos talked a little bit about his love of In Flames.

"Growing up, everything that I listened to… I used to skate a lot. You know, a lot of longboarding just around town… I had nothing better to do and all that I listened to was the whole discography of In Flames [from] start to finish. When I tell you that has left the hugest impact on me because like, I listen to other bands, you know? I listen to Suicide Silence of course, Whitechapel, Lamb Of God – all those bands you listen to [when] you're just getting into the scene. All the really big ones at the time especially, 10 years ago.

"But In Flames was that band for me that I still listen to to this day, all the time. They are still amazing. We actually just played a show with them the other day and I met [In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén]. I cried. I'm gonna tell you right now, I cried like a baby and it was so sick. It was an amazing experience. In Flames, still my favorite band to this day."

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