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The Nietzsche

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THE NIETZSCHE Streams Super Catchy New Single "Nothing Rhymes With Orange"

Get ready for this to be stuck in your head.

The Nietzsche is trading in their usual heaviness for a more upbeat style on their latest effort "Nothing Rhymes With Orange". The single is off The Nietzsche's upcoming record Full Scorpion, which is unfortunately delayed due to the band's home in Odesa being in the crosshairs of the blood-fueled war machine that is modern Russia.

"'Nothing Rhymes With Orange' delves into the life of a typically misguided 'nice guy', capturing the moment of undeniable realization when it's time to call it quits," said The Nietzsche of the single.

Accompanying the single is a music video composed of archived footage. It serves as a tribute to Odesa's famed More Music Club, a venue that has hosted The Nietzsche over twenty times. This visual piece not only celebrates their musical journey but also commemorates a significant cultural landmark affected by the current crisis.

"Nothing Rhymes With Orange" is available here.

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