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Thunderflix Is The Brand New Streaming Service For Metal Videos, Documentaries & More

We're premiering one of their selections right now.

Thunderflix, the world's first subscription video on demand dedicated entirely to metal in all of its forms, is out today and we're premiering a look of what they've got to offer! Check out nearly a half an hour of Watain's 2016 documentary Music, Blood and Spirit (directed by Claudio Marino and produced by Artax Film) above, and then head over to Thunderflix's website to download the app. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch Until The Light Takes Us.

"Thunderflix is your official, licensed, one stop shop streaming service for all your Heavy Metal concerts, docs and films," said Samuel Douek, Thunderflix creator. "Imagine a Netflix, but all metal!

"Thunderfix is the result of years of labor! I wanted a place where I could watch all my DVD's and Blu Rays of metal on my tablet… really! My wife was breastfeeding in bed, I was in bed… with my tablet… and just felt like I needed to watch some of my concerts… and I couldn't find anything! Youtube had stuff plagued with ads. Some are really low resolution… and just not enjoyable. So I ended up going to my video aps – Netflix, Amazon, HBO… and then it hit me! Why can't I have a Netflix that's 100% heavy metal? That's how Thunderflix was born.

"I want Thunderflix to be the main library of official concerts and films that have come out in the last 30+ years. Concerts that only existed on VHS or DVD, even those DVDs we got on the Ltd Edt digipaks with bonus concerts or making offs. Add all those past concerts and films, and bring all the stuff that was released through the pandemic – hundreds of streamed shows, some with crazy production like the Powerwolf, Epica and others… plus all the things that will come out in the future. And soon enough – we'll have our own produced content. We're already working on a few things that we're sure will blow people's minds! We have content arriving monthly on the platform. everything that all the labels have put out! All in one place, all for one heavy as fuck subscription of $6.66 a month or $66.6 a year. And available worldwide.

"We want heavy metal from all places, from epic Symphonic Orchestras with metal bands playing together, to black metal documentaries, and legendary Thrash stories. Thunderflix should have alphabetized categories from A to Z of artists and genres too. From Death Metal to Speed to Black to Thrash and Power and Folk… all metal. It's important people know, Thunderflix is made by metalheads for metalheads. We're not a big corporation, we're metalheads that want to enjoy our concerts and documentaries! We want to pay artists and labels their fair amount. And we want everyone to enjoy it!"

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