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GARY HOLT Praises KERRY KING's Rhythm Guitar Playing, Says He's Heard His New Band "Is Really Good"

"I've heard it's really, really, really good. So, I can't wait to hear it."


Thrash legend Gary Holt recently spoke up about Kerry King's new project, revealing he hasn't yet heard any of the new music but has high expectations.

During an interview with Full Metal Jackie's syndicated radio show, Holt confirmed he hasn't heard the material: "First, I'll say I've heard none of it. Not a note," he confessed. But his tone quickly shifted from curiosity to excitement. "I've heard it's really, really, really good. So, I can't wait to hear it."

Holt spent nearly nine years touring with Slayer, witnessing firsthand King's legendary rhythm guitar skills. "The time I spent playing with him was remarkable. He's just one of the world's most crushing rhythm guitar players. People don't realize how punishing he is with his right-hand picking technique." he praised.

"Playing with him, was a joy; it was awesome. So I can't wait to see it," he added when circling back to the new music.

However, busy schedules might prevent Holt from catching King's new band live anytime soon. "I saw that they announced shows," he acknowledged, "but it becomes, like, 'Well, I'm busy. He's busy. I hope I'm around sometime when he's playing where I can catch it.'"

The interview also revealed a surprising detail: Holt hasn't seen any of his former Slayer bandmates since the final show. "We all scattered and haven't seen anybody," he admitted. "We text, but I haven't laid eyes since bro hugs and 'I'm out.'"

Despite the lack of recent contact, Holt looks back on his time with Slayer fondly. "It was remarkable," he said. "The farewell tour was really incredible." He described working through the emotional weight of the tour, avoiding thoughts of finality until the very last show.

Reflective and insightful, Holt shared a fascinating anecdote about the final band photo. "It's the picture I always post on the anniversary of the final show," he said. "We look like we're on our way to our own funeral. For the first time ever, Slayer looked visibly nervous, and it shows in the photo. We look scared to death."

King's new band – seemingly titled Kerry King – has been confirmed for Welcome To Rockville 2024 and Sonic Temple 2024, with likely more appearances to follow.

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